Big Trapper


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Recorded and mastered at Matt Luker's studio.


released March 5, 2012

Blake Runyon - vocals
Robert Cifuentes - Guitars, Vocals, The Fish
Jon Tolman - drums
Matthew Luker - keyboards, bgv, Vocals
Candice Harris - percussion
Matthew Fonda - percussion



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Co Wave Culver City, California

Co Wave manufactures tapes, records and releases music. We have a radio show on KXLU 88.9 FM Thursday nights where we spin local music and declare national holidays against the police.

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Track Name: While You're Here
maybe he's there, while you're here
mistaking our time apart for sleep
awaken the nature of your dreams

so long, i've been wondering what you're doing
while i'm stranded alone, i've been waiting
and trying to bring you back,
but nothing's ever gonna change
maybe he's there, while you're here
i've been made to understand, learned it firsthand
i've been made to learn the hard way
the spaces in time will allow so much more than you think
(don't try to stop me now)
there are no reasons, there are no answers. (oh no!)
(oh yeah!)
Track Name: So Much More
wait, take the steps back
you need something so much more
the words that come out
they make no sense to me now

stay, stay away
see me when you're back
love is all i have
but you need something so much more

wait, love is here
but it could be so much more
Track Name: Heavy On My Chest
you lost the way of mind
hopefully you're found by yourself
trust you, i will in time
i will answer you before the night is through

scared of the world you're from
finding the will to take a throne
what will you do when you get there?
would you return to me?
would i remember you?

so long for now, i'm on my way
i stood and waited right there
you reminded me of how i couldn't last
it's still so hard for me to shake that past
it's heavy on my chest
Track Name: Hate Time
don't leave me alone
your soul has corrupted my will
don't leave me alone
your body sings songs to my world

don't tell me it's fine
don't tell me i'm locked in a cage
when will everybody be as happy as me?

never end i flow through black waters
never end i flow though backwards highs
i've never meant those words that i have said

be my lover tonight
come here, come here

you've been bit by a snake, i don't talk to it
you've been hit by a force, i can hear them, hear them
we'll talk afterwards, i can hear words i swear
we'll talk afterwards, i swear

she's torn, she's torn, she's torched like i dreamt of

be my lover tonight, be my lover

say you haven't met another man to me
say you haven't met another man
Track Name: Gliddian
do we behave ourselves or do we race?
let's put it on tonight, let's go find our place

stay, stay with me all through the night
if you leave, i can't keep my promises to you

i woke up again in a room i've never been
i looked around and watched my whole world spin
before we know, we're awake, we'll live

away, stay away no looking back
you can run and you can try, i hope you get inside
Track Name: Nowhere to the Unkown
cape wearer, how do you wear that smile on your face?
every day is a battle
never knowing who might take his place
when you laid there all broken that night
it's not fair to be alone
we're nowhere to the unknown